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October 18, 2022 7 min read

The linens are well made and beautifully designed. I'm thankful to Fig Linens for the suggestion"

Rebecca H, Fig Linens and Home Customer about Le Jacquard Francais Linens

Le Jacquard Francais Ronde des pains pink tea towel fig linens and home
Fig Linens and Home: Le Jacquard Francais Ronde Des Pains Pink Tea Towel​​
Fig Linens and Home: Le Jacquard Francais Ronde Des Pains Yellow Tea Towel
Fig Linens and Home: Le Jacquard Francais Ronde Des Pains Yellow​​ Tea Towel

What is a tea towel?

Tea towels are thin kitchen towels made of either cotton, linen, or a combination. They are sized with about the same dimensions as hand towels. 

Also known as "flour sack towels," tea cloths, and dish towels, these towels were invented in the 18th century to insulate teapots at tea ceremonies. Flash forward to the 21st century and the use of the item has quickly evolved. There are cotton tea towels, linen tea towels, waffle weave tea towels, and even terry cloth tea towels. Today's tea towels are highly decorative, absorbent, and luxurious. 

Tea towels by brands by Le Jacquard Francais can be used for everyday kitchen tasks, drying dishes, wiping countertops, or wrapping around bread rolls and baked goods. However, these cotton towels can also be used in a more aesthetic fashion. As described by Good Housekeeping, luxury tea towels can be used as napkins or placemats, as candleholders, as bread bundles, or can even be sewn into a custom pillow!

Uses for a Tea Towel Fig Linens and Home Le Jacquard Francais

How many tea towels do I need?

When shopping tea towels, the Fig Linens and Home team recommend buying in sets of four. First, when you have at least four towels, you can designate two for more quotidian tasks like drying dishes and hands and reserve two for food-related tasks. This way, when you wrap your bread or baked goods in a tea towel you can feel sure that it is completely clean. 

Furthermore, buying at least four cloths means that you always have one on hand, even if some are in the wash. Finally, if you plan on using your tea towels as part of a table setting, buying at least four ensures that you can use them at dinners for the entire family. If shopping this way, our website allows you to purchase Le Jacquard Francais tea towel sets of four. 

Le Jacquard Francais Tea Towels: The Best of Luxury Kitchen Linens

Le Jacquard Francais is a french heritage linen brand founded in Gerardmer, France (a town known for its richly woven textile industry) in 1861. Famous stylist Primrose Bordier joined the brand in 1978. Primrose Bordier is widely known for introducing the use of color in household linens to Europe and is the first woman designer to receive a French Legion of Honor. Le Jacquard Francais' colorful signature look was born under Bordier's leadership. 

Through investing in color research and innovation, the brand revolutionized the household linens industry by making domestic linens a fashion accessory. This colorful, innovative blueprint remains true to the textiles produced by the brand today. By playing on natural, geometric, and french motifs, Le Jacquard Francais creates absolutely stunning original designs. 

Le Jacquard Francais's linens are produced with exceptional materials. Using 100% long staple cotton and long fiber linen, Le Jacquard Francais follows a traditional jacquard weaving technique to manufacture their original patterns. The dyed fibers are quality tested and designed to remain bright over time. 

In addition to tea towels, Le Jacquard Francais manufactures table linens, bath linens and beach towels. Shop all gorgeous Le Jacquard Francais Tablecloths, Le Jacquard Francais napkins, and Le Jacquard Francais Aprons here.

5 Reasons to Love Le Jacquard Francais Tea Towels

  1. Le Jacquard Francais tea towels are larger than typical dish towelsHomeQuestionsAnswered states that the average size of a tea towel is 24 in x 18 in. Le Jacquard Francais tea towels are 24 in x 31 in. The additional surface area of Le Jacquard Francais tea combined with their 100% cotton fabrication makes these towels a superior kitchen towel for drying. All style and substance.
  2. Le Jacquard Francais Tea Towels are made to last: The brand uses extra-long staple cotton and linen, producing an incredibly strong and durable fabric. LJF also follows an eight-step weaving process meant to enhance detail and quality. Le Jacquard Francais Tea Towels are treated with Irretrex treatment to minimize the shrinkage of the high-quality cotton in the wash. The combination of traditional techniques and modern technology creates a tea towel that will withstand the test of time.
  3. Le Jacquard Francais tea towels are ethically and responsibly produced:  Le Jacquard Francais requires that suppliers and subcontractors follow a Responsible Purchasing and Ethics Charter. Their 100% cotton products have an OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 label, meaning that they limit the use of hazardous chemicals in manufacturing their tea towels. Their tea towels and table linens are shipped in 100% recyclable cardboard. Le Jacquard Francais also promotes local employment by employing 120 people in France. Eco-friendly and beautiful? Who could resist.
  4. Le Jacquard Francais Tea Towels are patterned on the front and back: Traditional jacquard weaving automates the process of "damask weaving" which produces a textile that is beautiful on both sizes. When you look at a Le Jacquard Francais tea towel, it is often difficult to tell which side is the "top!"
  5. Le Jacquard Francais's designs are intricate, unique, and incomparably beautiful: Le Jacquard Francais' designs take inspiration from the natural world and weave their patterns in high-quality bright colors. These absolutely beautiful designs add a bright pop of color to any kitchen. They are more than a towel, they are a design detail.

le jacquard francais promenade parisienne red tea towel fig linens and home
Fig Linens and Home: Le Jacquard Francais Promenade Parisienne Red Tea Towel Fig Linens and H​​ome  

An Annual Favorite: The 2023 Le Jacquard Francais Calendar Tea Towel

The 2023 Calendar Pink Tea Towel by Le Jacquard Francais is an annual classic pattern. Each year, the brand creates a calendar tea towel that features the entire year with each month and days printed across it. The 2023 Le Jacquard Francais Calendar Tea Towel is split into four sections, one for each quarter of the year. The 2023 Calendar Tea Towel is chocolate brown, turquoise, light pink, and crimson. It features seasonal animals and plants including butterfiles, pheasants, holly, daisies and rabbits.

Geometric Tea Towels from Le Jacquard Francais

Le Jacquard Francais's latest collection features a gorgeous geometric dish towel in the form of the Origin Rythme Blue and Brown Tea Towels. The pattern is a defamiliarized subtle checkerboard featuring a variety of rectangles and squares in alternating colors. This piece would make an excellent addition to a modern kitchen and add patterns to a space with sleek lines. 

Naturally Inspired Le Jacquard Francais Kitchen Towels

The pristine beauty of the natural world is something that many designers aspire to. With the Botanique, Herbier, Poesie d'Hiver, Origin Nature, and Dans les Bois Tableau Tea Towels by Le Jacquard Francais brings the elegance of the outdoors to your kitchen. 

These floral tea towels feature intricate natural motifs of flowers, mushrooms, hedgehogs, and leaves on 100% cotton tea towels. The beautiful towels are available in a range of colors from a neutral yellow, to a gorgeous turquoise and a subtle red. With their understated beauty, these Le Jacquard Francais natural tea towels make the perfect autumn addition to your home. 

Le Jacquard Francais Dans Les Bois Tryptique Yellow Tea Towel Fig Linens and Home
Fig Linens and Home: Le Jacquard Francais Dans Les Bois Tryptique Yellow Tea Towel​​

Parisian Tea Towels from Le Jacquard Francais

The latest collection from Le Jacquard Francais features several french tea towels. Fabrics like the Devantures Tea Towel, Ronde des Pains Tea Towel, and Fromages Tea Towel are inspired by the delicious richness of french food and bakeries. Featuring everything from boulangeries to wheels of tantalizing french cheese these culinary designs are the perfect addition to any chef's kitchen.

 The Promenade Parisienne Blue Tea Towel takes inspiriation from the landscape in Paris, featuring an image of Monmarte and a whimsical, old timey carosuel. In primary colors like blue, yellow, and red, the Parisian imagery on this season's tea towels from Le Jacquard Francais are a must have

Le Jacquard Francais Devantures Blue Tea Towel Fig Linens and Home French Tea Towel
Fig Linens and Home: Le Jacquard Francais Devantures Blue Tea Towel​​

Don't see anything you love in the Le Jacquard Francais collection? If you are looking for something specific like terry cloth tea towels, linen dishcloths, or personalized tea towels, shop all tea and dish towels here. Our Westport, CT-based collection of tea towels includes designs from Yves Delorme, Designer's Guild, and Mode Living.

The Fig Linens and Home Philosophy

The Fig Linens and Home Blog seeks to inspire. At Fig, we believe that how you choose to decorate is a deeply personal reflection of you. Accordingly, we carry a wide diversity of products to fit every taste. By bringing the lens of culture and fashion to the world of luxury bedding and housewares, The Fig Linens and Home Blog offers unique advice on curating a home that feels like an extension of you

By uniting the home with the rest of the world, we aim to create something truly innovative. Ethical and sustainable practice is very important to us, and sustainable bedding will always be central to our brand.

Our brand promises both luxury and convenience. As a small, woman-owned business, we understand that home design can become a full-time endeavor. Therefore, we are committed to the bespoke support of our clients. Through our online boutique, Fig Linens offers a tailored luxury retail experience from the comfort of your home. 

If you have any further questions about any of the products listed, styling tips, or would like to book an individual consultation we would love to speak with you. Send us an email at, call us at 203-227-8669, or come visit us at our storefront in Westport, CT at 66 Post Road East. We look forward to hearing from you!


The Team at Fig Linens and Home

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