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October 16, 2022 7 min read

What's the best way to dress my bed?

Outfitting a bed can be confusing. Understanding the dimensions of your bed can help you decide what size and pieces of bedding will look best in your space. What is the difference between a full and a queen bed? How big is a California king bed? What size pillows should you put on a twin-sized bed? This article will answer all of your frequently asked questions and more regarding bed sizes, bed dimensions, and the bedding that suits them. The Fig Linens and Home blog explores the best luxury bedding for each bed, beginning with the largest, the California king-sized bed, and moving to the smallest, the twin-sized bed. From queen duvets to full-fitted sheets to king-sized pillowcases, buying bedding in the perfect size will create the most elevated look possible in your bedroom.

1. King Sized Bed Dimensions: King Size Duvets, King Sized Sheets, and King Sized Pillowcases

  • King Bed Dimensions: The top of a king-sized mattress has a surface area of 76 inches x 80 inches. A king bed frame is a matter of personal choice. You can select a king sized bed frame with a headboard, and choose between a higher or lower model. Complete the frame’s look with the Celeste Bed Skirt by Sferra
  • Sheets for a King Bed: As expected, an XL bed requires XL bedding. A king-sized mattress requires specially sized fitted and flat sheets. A king flat sheet is 114 in x 114 in and the corresponding fitted sheet is 78 in x 80 in x 17 in. Sferra’s number one best-selling Celeste Percale Sheeting made of 100% Egyptian cotton provides the perfect soft, breathable sheeting base to build your pillow story around.
  • Bedding for a King Bed: Fig Linens and Home recommends a comforter with an elevated king duvet and a quilt or coverlet. King duvets vary in size depending on the brand. Our favorite floral Sylve Duvet Covers by Yves Delorme are 111 in x 92 in. This makes them just long enough to drape pleasantly over the edge of the bed. Complete the look with a white coverlet like the John Robshaw Vivada White Coverlet folded at the end of the bed.
  • Pillows for a King-Sized Bed: The grandiosity of a king bed demands at least three levels of pillows. As for sleep pillows, king pillowcases are the gold standard for king sized bedding. King pillowcases are made to fit a king pillow (20 in x 36 in). At 22 in x 42 in, king pillowcases are sold in pairs and lay two across the bed. Explore king pillowcases in Sferra's celeste to match the sheets here. As for decorative pillows, three square Euro pillows sized at 26 in x 26 in are recommended for support and an editorial look on a king-sized bed. In front, you can use king shams stuffed with king-sized pillows. For the final layer, Fig Linens and Home recommends decorative pillows like Kevin O’Brien Studio Hand Painted Velvet Pillows.

Fig Linens and Home: Designer's Guild Jardin Botanique Birch Bedding​​

What's the difference between a King and a California King bed?

The California King Bed, also known as the "Western King" is a slightly longer counterpart to the traditional king bed. The California King Size Mattress clocks in at 72 inches by 80 inches making the California King the perfect bed for very tall people. Though traditionally considered "larger" the California King Mattress actually has slightly less surface area than the King Mattress (6,048 square inches vs. 6,080 square inches). Therefore, choosing between a California King and King bed comes down not to size, but to preference. California King beds may suit narrower spaces and those who prefer extra height on their bed. On the other hand, couples may prefer a traditional king or "Eastern King" bed for its width. When it comes to dressing your California King Bed, all of the above tips on King bedding apply except for the fitted sheet. Though California King Size Beds take king bedding including flat sheets, king duvets, and king coverlets, they require a specialty fitted sheet. A California King Fitted Sheet is 72 in x 84 in x 17 in. Luckily, luxury bedding brands like Matouk and Sferra include California King Fitted Sheets in all of their sheeting collections.

2. Queen Bedding Dimensions: Queen Sized Pillows, Queen Sized Sheets, and Queen Sized Duvets

  • Queen Bed Dimensions: If your space is a bit smaller or you are a single sleeper, you might opt for a queen bed in your master bedroom. The surface area of a queen mattress is 60 in x 80 in. Again, the style of your queen bed frame is a matter of personal choice. If you opt for a bed frame that is several feet tall, a bed skirt, sometimes called a "dust ruffle" can add an elevated touch. Fig Loves the textured look of a queen Bedskirt in Matouk's Lanai Pique White Bedskirt Style
  • Sheets for a Queen Bed: Like the king bed, a queen bed requires a specially sized queen fitted sheet and queen flat sheet. The fitted sheet, which cinches around the bed, is the surface that you sleep on. Only the best will do for this task, and Matouk's Luca Hemstitch Sheets and Pillowcases fulfill this requirement. Queen flat sheets are 94 in x 112 in with a delicate hemstitch detail along one edge. These queen sheets are available in white, bone, and ivory. 
  • Bedding for a Queen Bed: When dressing a queen bed using a queen duvet and a queen quilt guarantees the most elevated look. Queen Duvets are sized at 92 in x 92 in to fit a queen duvet insert. Yves Delorme New Soiere Bedding in 100% organic cotton is an excellent option for duvets and shams. Brouse endless queen bedding in all of our bedding collections.
  • Pillows for a Queen-Sized Bed: Similar to the dressing of a King Bed, a queen bed requires three layers of pillows. Standard pillowcases sold in pairs and sized at 21 in x 32 in will lay two across a queen bed. Standard shams vary in size based on style and depend on the size of the flange. Matouk Luca Hemstich standard shams are 21 in x 27 in. We recommend two standard pillows with pilllowcases, with two euro pillows with shams in front, and two standard pillows with standard shams in front of the Euros. For an even more polished look, top off with a boudoir pillow (12 in x 16 in) encased in a Luca Boudoir Sham. Elevate the look with custom monogramming on the boudoir sham.
Fig Linens and Home: Designer's Guild Spring Tulip Buttermilk Bedding​​

What's the difference between a queen and a full bed?

A full sized bed is slighter smaller than a queen bed. A full size mattress is generally 54 in x 75 in, making it slightly shorter and slightly narrower than a queen-size mattress. However, each size has pros and cons. Because of its lower price point and a smaller size that still gives room to sprawl out, full beds may be the preferred bed size for single adults. Full beds take mostly queen-sized bedding including duvets, blankets, and flat sheets. Like the California King, the only difference in bedding size is that the full bed requires a specialty Full Fitted Sheet. Luca Hemstitch sheets have a full-fitted sheet option for those sleeping on a full bed. 

3. Twin Bedding: Dimensions, Twin Sheets, and Twin Duvets

  • Twin Bed Dimensions: A twin mattress is 38 in x 75 in. Twin beds can stand on their own or be used as mattresses in bunk beds. 
  • Sheets for a Twin Bed: Twin beds require twin-sized flat sheets (68 in x 98 in) and twin-sized fitted sheets (60 in x 80in x 17in). Finding luxury twin bedding can be a bit more difficult than finding sheets for a larger bed so it is important to know where to look. Brands like Matouk and John Robshaw make excellent sheets for twin beds. The John Robshaw sheets such as as the Cinde Indigo Twin Sheets feature a beautiful and intricate pattern. Aside from adding design detail, The busy pattern makes John Robshaw's sheets the best college bedding for students. The pattern obscures stains and the breathable organic long-staple cotton will keep your student cool in too-hot dorms. 
  • Bedding for a Twin Bed: When buying bedding for your twin bed, you have the choice between using a twin duvet and coverlet, or opting for a queen duvet and coverlet for a more oversized look. For instance, if you are not using a twin bed skirt, the queen duvet will cover anything stored under the bed. John Robshaw's Ramra Indigo Blue Bedding is exceptionally soft and smooth. The larger-scale indigo pattern pairs well with a smaller print like that of the Cinde Indigo Sheets. A Fig Linens dorm room favorite is a John Robshaw queen quilt like the Lapis Quilt.
  • Pillows for a Twin-Sized Bed: The pillows on a twin bed are a matter of personal preference. Though you can layer two standard pillows across for sleeping, the look of one longer king pillow with a pillowcase is cleaner. One large Euro Pillow and Sham can help to create the look of a headboard in a smaller room. 

What's the difference between a twin bed and a twin XL bed?

An extra-long twin is 38 in x 80 in. This is about 5 inches longer than an average twin. Extra-long twin mattresses are frequently used in dorm rooms, so be sure to check the dimensions of your student's college bed before moving in. When buying sheets, check the dimensions to make sure they can fit an extra long twin. Some brands, like John Robshaw sell sheets that work for both a Twin and Twin XL bed, but others like Matouk require specially fitted Twin XL sheets.

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Still have burning questions left about bed or bedding dimensions? Let us know in the comments below!

sophie edwards content writer for fig linens and home

Sophie Edwards

Sophie is the head content writer at Fig Linens and Home. She is a bedding, linens, and luxury homeware expert with an interest is the intersection of interior design with fashion, travel and culture. She has a BA in creative writing and sociology from Sarah Lawrence and an MSc from the Oxford University Department of Anthropology and Museum Ethnography.

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