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October 22, 2022 7 min read

Sferra Arcadia Down Alternative Comforter Down Comforter White Down Comforter Fig Linens and Home
Fig Linens and Home: Arcadia Down Alternative Comforters by Sferra​​
Sferra Buxton Down Comforter Down Comforter White Down Comforter Fig Linens and Home
Fig Linens and Home: Buxton Down​​ Comforters by Sferra


What is a down comforter?

Down comforters are stuffed with the fluff harvested from beneath the feathers of geese and ducks. These feathers are encased in a cotton or silk shell. This shell generally has the quilted look of baffle box stitching to ensure equal distribution of feathers throughout the comforter. The down comforter is then placed inside a duvet cover

Down comforters are the preferred comforter for luxury bedrooms. This is because down comforters have several advantages over their down alternative counterparts. First, down is simultaneously the warmest and most breathable material. It provides both insulation and lightness. The natural fibers mimic the natural process that keeps animals warm by trapping air and body heat. Down comforters are also light as a feather... no pun intended! 

Furthermore down comforters are the most long-lasting duvets. The careful construction and natural materials used in down comforters mean that their average life span is 10-15 years. Luxury down comforters can even last up to 20 years! The superior warming quality and lifespan of a down comforter mean that a down duvet is absolutely worth the price

Down comforters are made by traditional down brands like Downright and Scandia Home. They are available in sizes for every duvet cover including King Down Comforters, Queen Down Comforters, and Twin Down Comforters. Shop a variety of down products including Downright pillows, Downright mattress pads, and white luxury comforter sets in the Down Boutique at Fig Linens and Home.

What is down alternative?

Just as the name suggests, "down alternative" refers to a comforter stuffed with materials besides goose down. The alternative material varies based on the brand and the style. For instance, Sferra Down alternative comforters are filled with a lightweight, hypoallergenic microfiber called Plumafil while Downright's Sierra Down Alternative Comforter uses VirtuDown down-like fiber. 

Down alternative comforters have several alternative advantages over their down counterparts. First, down alternative comforters are hypoallergenic. Many who struggle with allergies are irritated by the feathers in down products and are more comfortable with an artificial microfiber fill. However, most high-quality down products are well-cleaned and also hypoallergenic.

Second, down alternative comforters are a lower price point item. However, when looking at this lower price point, it is important to consider that while a quality down alternative comforter will last, its lifespan averages 4-5 years versus the 10-15 year average of a down comforter. Thus, when deciding between a down and down alternative comforter, it is important to consider if the short-term reduction in cost is worthwhile.

Yves Delorme Actuel Anti-Allergy Down Alternative Comforter Fig Linens and Home Luxury Down Comforter
Fig Linens and Home: Actuel Anti-Allergy Down Alternative Comforter by Yves Delorme​​

What to Know Before you buy a luxury Comforter:

Buying a luxury comforter can be daunting. Understanding the terms used to describe the qualities of a duvet insert can make this process much easier. Some brief definitions are below:

  • Fill Power: Fill Power describes the quality and fluffiness of down. The fill power listed refers to the number of cubic inches taken up by one ounce of down. Higher fill power refers to a higher quality comforter. For instance, Scandia Down Comforters and Sferra Arcadia Down Comforters have 600+ Fill Power. Fill power ranges from 400-800. 
  • Loft: The term "loft" is sometimes used to refer to fill power aka the fluffiness of the down. Refer to the above for a more complete description of these interchangeable terms!
  • Weight: Weight refers to the amount of down or down alternative stuffing in the comforter. The amount of stuffing correlates with the warmth of the comforter. For instance, a heavier-weight comforter will be warmer while a lighter-weight comforter will be cooler. When shopping, weight is often described in terms of season. For instance, Downright's Astra Down Alternative Comforter is available in summer and all-seasons weights. While you can certainly swap out your comforter between seasons, these terms refer mostly to the personal preference for a heavier or lighter comforter. 

What are the best brands for luxury down and down alternative comforters?

There are many brands that make down-and-down alternative products. These include down comforters, down pillows, and down mattress pads. Brands like Downright and Scandia Home are known widely for their luxury comforters. Below, we will explore what makes each of these leaders in the world of down and down alternative bedding special, and how heritage linen brands like Matouk, Sferra, and Yves Delorme have stepped up to the plate with luxury down and down alternative bedding. 

Downright Down Alternative and Down Comforters

Downright Ltd. was founded in Brooklyn in 1975 with 100% European goose down at the center of their philosophy. Their down-and-down alternative linens go through multiple quality checks to assure they are producing the best bedding possible. Downright's down products are made in the USA and cleaned to the highest standard making them hypoallergenic and healthy for the whole family. 

Downright comforters are available in down and down alternatives. Downright's Sierra Down Alternative Comforter and Astra Down Alternative Comforters are guaranteed hypoallergenic and encased in a 100% cotton shell. Downright down comforters come in several styles including Mackenza 560+ White Down Comforter, Cascada Peak 600+ White Down Comforter, and the Nirvana Polish Goose Down Comforter. 

Downright bedding is certified eco-friendly and complies with the Responsible Down Standard. Shop more downright linens including downright mattress pads and downright pillows here.

The World's Most Sustainable Down Comforter: Eco-Friendly Down from Downright

The Organa 650+ Fill White Goose Down Comforter is Downright's most sustainable Duvet Insert. The comforter is crafted without synthetic fertilizers or toxic pesticides. It is made with a 305 Thread Count 100% Certified Organic Cotton and renewable Tencel Lyocell shell stuffed with naturally-renewable 650+ fill white goose down.

Scandia Down and Down-Free Comforters

Scandia Luxury Down Bedding is made of high-quality down that is refined to be hypoallergenic. Scandia Down duvets are crafted and hand-filled in Wisconsin. Every piece of Scandia Down Bedding is sold with a Certificate of Authencity and a Scandia Down Limited Warranty. Scandia Home makes five varieties of down comforter and one down alternative called the Bergen Down-Free Comforter. Scandia Home Down Comforters like the Lucerne Down Comforter are stuffed with 650+ fill Hungarian white goose and encased in 350 thread count cotton fabric. Scandia Home's Bedding is available as a luxury king comforter, queen comforter, and twin comforter. Shop all Scandia Home bedding inlcuding Scandia down Pillows and Scandia Down Mattress Pads here

Which Scandia Home comforter is right for me?

Choose the best Scandia Home Comforter for you using the Fig Linens and Home Scandia Home Side by Side Comparison Chart below. Find information on Scandia Chamonix, St. Petersburg, Salzburg, Vienna, Copenhagen, and Lucerne down comforters, and the Bergen Down-Free Comforter.

Which Scandia Down Comforter is Best Scandia Home Side by Side Comparison best Scandia Down Chamonix St Petersburg Salzburg Vienna Copenhagen Lucerne Bergen Down-Free

Down and Down Alternative from Heritage Linen Brands Matouk, Sferra, and Yves Delorme

Heritage Linen Brands like Matouk, Sferra and Yves Delorme have crafted luxury down and down alternative products to go with their luxury linens. 

  • Matouk: Matouk's Libero Down Alternative and Montreaux and Valetto Down Comforters are fluffy and lush. Matouk's comforters adapt to body temperature and are perfect for both cold and hot sleepers. The ultra high-end Edelweiss Down Comforters by Matouk are filled with 95% hand-harvested eiderdown with either a swiss cotton or silk shell. These fantastic eiderdown comforters are made to order. 
  • Sferra: Arcadia Down Alternative Comforters by Sferra are incredibly popular. They are stuffed with Pluma-fil Down-Alternative filling a 330 Thread Count 100% Cotton Sateen Shell. Sferra also manufactures six varieties of down comforters called Buxton, Cardigan, Snowdon, Dover, Cornwall, and Somerset.
  • Sferra: Sferra's down and down alternative comforters are feather-light while maintaining insulation. The best lightweight comforter for summer weather comes in the form of Yves Delorme Caribbean Light Down Comforter. The white goose down and 100% Egyptian Cotton Baptiste weave are perfect for uninterrupted sleep. Yves Delorme also makes an anti-allergy down comforter called Actuel, a silk comforter called Mandarin, and an all-season down comforter, among many other luxurious down products.

Explore luxury comforters and duvet inserts from these brands below.

Scandia Home Down Comforter by Scandia Home Fig Linens and Home
Fig Linens and Home: Chamonix Down Comforter by Scandia Home​​
Scandia Home Salzburg Down Comforter Fig Linens and Home
Fig Linens and Home: Salzburg Down Comforter by Scandia Home​​

The Fig Linens and Home Philosophy

The Fig Linens and Home Blog seeks to inspire. At Fig, we believe that how you choose to decorate is a deeply personal reflection of you. Accordingly, we carry a wide diversity of products to fit every taste. By bringing the lens of culture and fashion to the world of luxury bedding and housewares, The Fig Linens and Home Blog offers unique advice on curating a home that feels like an extension of you

By uniting the home with the rest of the world, we aim to create something truly innovative. Ethical and sustainable practice is very important to us, and sustainable bedding will always be central to our brand.

Our brand promises both luxury and convenience. As a small, woman-owned business, we understand that home design can become a full-time endeavor. Therefore, we are committed to the bespoke support of our clients. Through our online boutique, Fig Linens offers a tailored luxury retail experience from the comfort of your home. 

If you have any further questions about any of the products listed, styling tips, or would like to book an individual consultation we would love to speak with you. Send us an email at, call us at 203-227-8669, or come visit us at our storefront in Westport, CT at 66 Post Road East. We look forward to hearing from you!


The Team at Fig Linens and Home

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