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September 19, 2022 6 min read

The bright colors, bold prints, and metallic fabrics of Harry Styles' Love on Tour looks at Madison Square Garden have garnered much praise. Who says the atmosphere of unabashed fun and self-love promoted by Harry Styles must be limited to the stage? With pink bedding by Matouk, faux fur by Evelyne Prélonge, and Ryan Studio pillows, we explore bedding and household looks inspired by Harry Styles' iconic looks in his residency at MSG. The suggestions feature everything from flamboyant throw pillows to colorful bath rugs and gorgeous bathroom accessories to classic Matouk bedding. By mixing youthful colors and unexpected materials into your bedroom, living room, and bathroom, you can create not only Harry's House but Harry's Home.

Designing a Home Inspired by Harry Styles: The Man, The Myth, The Aesthetic

Aside from his musical talent and position as the frontman of the boy band One Direction, the Don’t Worry Darling star Harry Styles is best known for his unique style. As written by Helen Rosner for the New Yorker in an article on fan fashion: “being a Harry Styles fan is an aesthetic commitment as much as a musical interest.” While this aesthetic is about bright colors and bold, geometric patterns, it is also about something less skin-deep: self-love and confidence. A glimpse at the artist's contagious dance moves during his 90-minute set makes it clear that these stripes represent an excitement for life and celebration of self.

Thus, decorating a Harry Styles home embodies this Joie de Vivre. It makes you proud to walk through the door, excited to dance in the living room, and overjoyed to relax in the plush bedding that you love. With this mission in mind, we will take you through a living room, bedroom, and bathroom with whimsical Harry Styles-Inspired touches. Such an eclectic mix is created when you combine multiple designers and materials to create something truly unique. Pulling from several designers including Christian Lacroix, Matouk, Designer's Guild, and Fabulous Furs, Fig Linens and Home suggests the best in Harry-Styles-inspired luxury linens and home accessories. Featuring some of Harry Styles' favorite design motifs including stripes, polka dots, metallic details, hot pink, and rainbows you'll never want your home to return to "As It Was!"

Hutch Bunny Pillow Fig Linens and Home
Hutch Pillow from Ryan Studio at​​
Harry Styles Love on Tour Bunny Sweatshirt Fig Linens and Home
Harry Styles Love on Tour Bunny Sweatshirt on​​

“Being a Harry Styles fan is an aesthetic commitment as much as a musical interest.”

Helen Rosner - The New Yorker

A Harry Styles Themed Living Room

Hot Pink. Max Berlinger of the Hollywood reporter calls hot pink the “shade of 2022 in buildings, interiors, and fashion.” Harry Styles has often been spotted in the power color (notably wearing faux fur and a hot pink outfit singing with Lizzo at Coachella). In the home, hot pink introduces a confident pop to any space. A winning combination of bright decorative pillows and an unbelievably soft throw can help to elevate a neutral-toned room. Snuggle up under a hot pink Classic Herringbone Throw from Alicia Adams Alpaca. With a subtle herringbone design and gorgeous fringe detail, this 100% baby alpaca throw is peak playful luxury. Highlight the beautiful hue with bright floral throw pillows from Christian Lacroix and Designer’s Guild (Sunflower, Vol. 6, Anyone?). 

Can't get enough of Alicia Adams Alpaca? Update your living room with a dreamy celebration of LGBTQ+ pride engineered in the Alicia Adams Alpaca design lab: The Rainbow Collection. Wrap up in a luxe rainbow alpaca throw, or bundle in a rainbow alpaca hat and sweater to hit the streets. Definitely, a look we can imagine Harry Styles rocking!

Use ultra-soft faux fur to recreate the fluffy look of one of Harry’s favorite stylistic pieces: the Feather Boa. Faux fur creates the same intrigue as a feather boa with a more mature feel and without all the loose feathers. Our favorites are from Fabulous Furs and Evelyne Prelonge. Add a bright pop to your couch or blanket basket with one of Evelyne Prelonge’s Faux Fur Snowballs in thirteen fabulous colors. These whimsical throw pillows are even plushier than they look! Add a touch of elevated fluff to your living room with this Ivory Tibetan Lamb Pouf Ottoman from Fabulous Furs. Combining organic-looking shag with a clean classic design, this piece creates the perfect spot for daydreaming. Top it all off with a Fabulous Furs Faux Fur Rug in ivory or white.

A Harry Styles Inspired Bedroom

When spending the evening at Harry’s House, preparing for an excellent night of sleep is of the utmost importance. An elevated Harry Styles-Inspired fruit and flower print bedding (a la the Watermelon Sugar Music Video) in the form of the Pomegranate Pink Coral Bedding by Matouk Shumacher. will guarantee this requirement. Printed on 500 Thread Count Matouk Luca White Sheeting and made in the USA, this 100% Cotton Percale bedding feels as beautiful as it looks. Matouk bedding is also available in several shades of subtle pink. If you prefer a solid, dress your bed in a classic white with a Harry Styles twist: hot pink embroidery. 400 Threadcount Astor Pink and Peony Bedding by Designer’s Guild embodies simplicity and flair.

Keep it playful with one of Harry Styles’s favorite details: the polka dot. The cheerful geometric pattern makes a statement on Kevin O’Brien’s “Dots Velvet” Pillows. As a hand-painted piece, each of these gorgeous velvet decorative pillows has subtle differences that make each one of a kind. William Yeoward’s Angelica Slate Table Lamps will add a beautiful, hand-painted touch to your bedside table. These pillows would make a fitting accoutremont to the many spotted jumpsuits worn by Harry Styles in his time at MSG.

Harry Styles proves that the most important shimmers come from within and a good night’s sleep is the best way to ensure your inner glow. Protect your hair and brighten your skin in fabulosity with a pure silk pillow such as the Branche Silk Charmeuse Pillow Case. Then it’s time to slip into something more comfortable with a 100% cotton Pajamas and we love the Mango John Robshaw Shristi Pajama Set. Add a Branche La Sieste Tranquillite Silk Sleep Mask for an extra touch of luxury. With these high-end sleep aids, you’ll be too sleepy for any Late Night Talking!


Harry Styles Inspired Bathroom

Brightly colored towels are a subtle way to add eye-catching, Harry Styles-like pop to your home (plus, they won’t show stains). Abyss and Habidecor’s extra absorbent super pile towels come in a rainbow of gorgeous colors. Speaking of, no conversation about Harry Styles would be complete without mention of the rainbow. Bring in a classic, bold rainbow-striped Abyss and Habidecor bath rug with the Larry Bath Rug to your bathroom to celebrate this symbol. 

In terms of bath accessories, bring some Harry Styles glamour with elegant Mike and Ally pieces. The gold studs of Mike and Ally's Quill White and Gold Bath Accessories is both glamorous and tough. As eccentric and iconic as the popstar, these enamel statement pieces will stand out in any boudoir. Add a subtle fruity scent to the room with a Nest Fragrances Candle, such as the classic Nest Candle in Grapefruit.

Abyss and Habidecor Larry Rainbow Bath Rug Fig Linens and Home

What cultural icon do we forecast inspiring the next wave of whimsical design? Harry Styles, Harry Styles, Harry Styles, and Harry Styles. Bright bedding, faux fur pillows and faux fur throw blankets and everyday glamour can create this iconic feel in your home. Indulge in luxurious softness and unbeatable design with Matouk Bedding, Alicia Adams Alpaca throws, Abyss and Habidecor Bath Towels, and Mike and Ally bath accessories. With the right styling, these exquisite pieces can bring an ineffable, magnetic, and whimsical quality to your home, akin to the vibes of the one and only, Harry Styles.

sophie edwards content writer for fig linens and home

Sophie Edwards

Sophie is the head content writer at Fig Linens and Home. She is a bedding, linens, and luxury homeware expert with an interest is the intersection of interior design with fashion, travel and culture. She has a BA in creative writing and sociology from Sarah Lawrence and an MSc from the Oxford University Department of Anthropology and Museum Ethnography.

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