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September 10, 2022 5 min read

"Nowhere beats the heart so kindly as beneath the tartan plaid!" - Sir William Edmondstoune Aytoun

Fig Linens and Home: Designers Guild Blue Plaid Pillows​​

Autumn/Winter Interior Design Trend: Plaid Bedding, Plaid Throws, and Plaid Pillows

Plaid. From flannels to back-to-school uniforms, the pattern is as much a part of the fall as pumpkin spice lattes (and pumpkin spice candles!). This autumn, bring the print of the season to your home with gorgeous new plaid bedding and plaid pillows from Designers Guild, Matouk Schumacher, and Peacock Alley

The History of Plaid in Fashion and Design

Plaid (originally called "tartan") emerged in Scotland in the 1700s. At that time, the unique patterns and colors of the fabric symbolized membership in various Scottish Clans. In remote villages, people would buy their woven cloth from a local weaver who used a standard pattern and colors based on what was available. Over time, these local patterns came to represent the regional clans of the nation. 

Far from its origins, the pattern has become ubiquitous throughout the 20th and 21st centuries. From the elevated plaids worn by various members of the British Royal family, to tartan as an iconic punk statement from late designer Vivienne Westwood, plaid has stood the test of time. It has cut across culture and class lines to represent effortless coolness. In recent years, we've seen a resurgence of plaid in fashion among major pop culture players including Harry Styles and Bella Hadid

Plaid Bedding for Fall/Winter 2022-2023

The iconic print is no longer limited to the world of fashion. Plaids for the home are classic and versatile and will be one of the biggest design trends of 2023. The pattern can be anything from bright & busy to crisp and clean and from light and airy to warm and cozy.

From plaid upholstery to plaid carpets, plaid pillows, and even plaid wallpaper, plaid textiles can brighten any space. Plaid bedding and plaid throws are an especially innovative way to bring the pattern to your home. You can design your bedroom around a plaid duvet or a plaid throw blanket can be added last minute to an already complete space to add a finished feel. 

Experience classic plaid bedding with Designers Guild's Tartans, taste a twist with Designers Guild's Modern Plaids, fall in love with Matouk's August Blue Plaid Bedding, and get back to the basics with Peacock Alley's Simple Plaid Throws. Whatever your style, color scheme, or desired weight, browse the chicest plaid bedding of 2022/2023 here, on the Fig Linens and Home Blog. 

Not enough plaid for you? Explore even more options in our Checks and Plaids Collection.

Matouk August Plaid Bedding FIg LInens and Home Interior Design Trend
Fig Linens and Home: August Plaid Bedding by Matouk Schumacher​​


For those seeking a return to traditional design, Designers Guild's latest collection brings a fresh spin to an old favorite pattern. With Princess Diana's classic tartan suit in Town and Country as our inspiration (pictured to the right), here are Fig's Favorite tartan bedding looks of the season.

Designers Guild's fall plaid throw blankets are to die for. Today's tartans are all about bringing warmth to your space. These tartan plaid throw blankets as "preppy style" staples can be both subtle and bold. 

Add a cozy pop of color to your bedroom with a Designers Guild plaid pillow or snuggle up with a Fig Favorite Designers Guild plaid throw. Go with a traditional Christmas plaid throw blanket or mix it up with the iconic bright colors of Designers Guild fabric.

Princess Diana in Plaid Suit Plaid Bedding Interior Design Trends Fig Linens and Home
Town and Country Magazine: Princess Diana in a Tartan Suit, the most popular pattern of 2023 Interior Design​​

Designers Guild Perfect Plaid Pillows for the Living Room

Designer's Guild plaid pillows come in both plaid silk and plaid wool finish, offering a polished look in whatever style you prefer. From blue plaid throw pillows to brown plaid bedding, Designers Guild plaid bedding has your perfect match for the biggest 2023 interior design trend.


At its core, plaid is a simple pattern made up of interlocking lines. Why not celebrate this simplicity with Matouk Shumacher's gorgeous blue plaid bedding. The Matouk Schumacher Collaboration is famous for combining Italian bedding brand Matouk's craftsmanship, and perfect lines with Shumacher's timeless prints. This plaid bedding collection offers the best of both worlds. 

The Fall 2022 August Plaid Bedding by Matouk Schumacher invents a clean, straight-lined plaid bedding set that will coordinate with any bedroom. The Matouk bedding pattern features delicate, monochromatic, interlocking lines on crisp white 100% cotton percale sheeting. 

This fresh checked plaid bedding comes in King and Queen sized plaid bed sheets, pillowcases, and duvet covers. Custom sizes are available. Matouk August Plaid Bedding is available in five gorgeous colors including  Navy, Azure, Peony, Pool, Sable, and Sea. 

This simple plaid bedding set pairs beautifully with other white Matouk looks like Matouk Aziza Bedding and solids like Matouk's Giorgio Bedding. If you prefer a more patterned look, Fig Linens's designers recommend combining a large check like the August Plaid Bedding or another Buffalo Plaid Bedding with a smaller check, like those featured on the Designer's Guild Monserrate Decorative Pillows. Mixing the larger check with the smaller check will add dimension without creating too busy of a look.

Matouk August Plaid Bedding Blue Plaid Bedding Interior Design Trend 2023 Autumn Bedding Fig Linens and Home
Fig Linens and Home: Matouk August Plaid Bedding​​


If you are looking for a fresh take on plaid bedding, look no further than Designers Guild home furnishing's fall 2022 plaid throws. With hints of Mondrian, these unique plaid textiles offer a new perspective. From the color blocking of the Hawkswick Delft Throw, to the cubism of the Bainbridge Throw to the tiny checks of the Arklet Emerald Throw, Designers Guild offers an aesthetic for all. 

Can't get enough? these gorgeous contemporary looks are also printed on velvet plaid cotton pillows.

Hans Hofman Painting Print Plaid Bedding Interior Design Trends Fig Linens and Home
Art News: Hans Hofman Painting Pring​​

Pattern Mixing Styling Tip! Fig Linens's Designers love the look of Designer's Guild's plaid bedding with their floral bedding. Try mixing any of the featured plaid pillows, plaid throws, or plaid bedding with Designer's Guild Gertrude Rose Pillow for a pop of color. These gorgeous pillows have a plaid lining on the back which will help to unite the entire look.

Fig Linens and Home: Designers Guild Pillows​​
Fig Linens and Home: Designers Guild Plaid Throws​​

Back to the Basics: Earth Tone Plaid and Checked Bedding

Sometimes, you are looking for a simple pattern that will add a bit of interest to the room without too much color. Peacock Alley's plaid throws provide exactly this. In subtle, coastal hues like blue plaid, pewter plaid, and black and white plaid bedding these 100% merino wool plaid throws are guaranteed to bring a touch of sophistication to any space.

Peacock Alley's York Plaid throws are designed in Italy and are naturally static resistant for maximum comfort. This plaid bedding is especially charming in a New England home and offers the perfect addition to any living or bedroom. 

Fig Linens and Home: Designer's Guild Gray Plaid Pillows​​


If you love the look of subtle plaid bedding in the home but don't want to break the bank, this very affordable plaid throw is the answer. Look no further than Land's Downunder Tattersall Plaid Throws for all of your affordable plaid bedding needs. In 50% cotton and 50% acrylic, and at only $128 Tattersall plaid throws offers a similar print at the right price. Furthermore, Land's Downunder's plaid throws make for an unbeatable hostess gift!

Fig Linens and Home: Designers Guild Plaid Throws and Pillows​​ on Couch
Fig Linens and Home: ​​Designers Guild Plaid Throws and Pillows on Couch

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