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May 10, 2022 5 min read

Sleep In the Lap of Luxury With Yves Delorme Bedding

Enter the world of Yves Delorme, the epitome of luxury bedding.


Sleep in the lap of luxury with Yves Delorme Bedding and Linens


Allow yourself to be enveloped in pure opulence as you sink into Egyptian cotton sheets, duvet covers, quilts, and blankets that have been carefully crafted to provide the utmost comfort. 


Transport to a realm of utter solace as you experience the unique designs and patterns that have made Yves Delorme a prominent name in luxury bedding for over a century. 


Discover why this brand has been synonymous with high-quality bedding for over 175 years, and experience the difference for yourself.


Let's talk about Yves Delorme.


Who Is Yves Delorme? 

Yves Delorme Linens - Who is Yves Delorme? Read more at our Blog - Fig Linens and Home

Turn back the hands of time to 1845, and you'll find the origins of Yves Delorme. This was when Ernestine Fremaux and her husband founded a linen weaving business near Lille, in the very heart of the French textile sector.


Yves Delorme is the French international brand of luxurious home linens. From its humble beginnings, this prestigious name has been synonymous with its values of poetry, audacity, excellence, and savoir-faire, consistently reimagining the art of living through their collections.


Today, Yves Delorme is still a family-owned business, now in its sixth generation. These generations have perpetuated the same passion for linen and the same commitment to excellence, always with an eye toward the future.


As a result, Yves Delorme has become one of the most respected names in luxury home linens, available in over sixty countries worldwide. Their elegant designs, impeccable craftsmanship, and use of the finest materials have made them a favorite among discerning customers around the world.


What Does Yves Delorme Offer for Bedding?

Yves Delorme offers a wide range of luxury home linens, including sheets, duvet covers, quilts, and blankets. Their collections are divided into two main lines: the Classic line and the Fashion line.


The Classic line features timeless designs that are always in style. The Main collection includes the Triomphe Bedding, Triomphe Quilt, Athena Bedding, Cocon Counterpane, and Nymphe Cashmere Blanket. These pieces are perfect for those who appreciate understated elegance.


The Fashion line, on the other hand, features more trend-focused designs. Hanaé Bedding, for example, is a beautiful floral design that pays homage to the brand's French roots. This piece boasts a luxuriant and vibrant color palette, making it ideal for those who love to make a statement. 


The Utopia Bedding is another standout piece from the Fashion line. The beauty of nature inspires this design, and it features delicate botanical illustrations in soft hues. Tropical greens with shades of pink and orange come together to create a serene and calming oasis, which is perfect for those who want to bring a little bit of paradise into their bedroom.


No matter which line you choose, you're guaranteed to find pieces that are both captivating and comfortable.


Why Choose Yves Delorme?

Why Choose Yves Delorme Linens ? Bedding by Yves Delorme Explained

A Sustainable Luxury


Yves Delorme is committed to sustainable luxury. They believe that it is possible to create beautiful products without compromising on quality or ethics. As a result, they have implemented several initiatives to reduce their environmental impact.


For instance, all of their collections are made from organic cotton or Supima cotton. This alone reduces the use of pesticides and herbicides by up to 80%. Furthermore, their offices and workshops operate according to the principles of the circular economy, which means that they reuse, repair, and recycle as much as possible.


The commitment to sustainability is just one of the many reasons to choose Yves Delorme. When you purchase from this brand, you can rest assured knowing that you're supporting a company that is working to make a difference

A Timeless Investment


When you purchase Yves Delorme bedding, you're investing in timeless pieces that will be cherished for years to come. From the Classic line to the Fashion line, each design is created with meticulous attention to detail. 


Yves Delorme's commitment to quality ensures that their products will stand the test of time, providing you with years of enjoyment.


An International Brand


Established 175 years ago, Yves Delorme is a true pioneer in the world of luxury home linens. Today, their products are available in over 60 countries around the world. This global reach ensures that their products are accessible to everyone who appreciates quality and design.


Luxurious Quality


The raw materials used to make their collections are carefully selected according to their exceptional quality. For instance, Yves Delorme duvet covers and Yves Delorme quilts are made with long-staple cotton, which is known for its strength and durability. While Yves Delorme sheets are made with Egyptian combed cotton and Percale, which are prized for their silky smoothness and breathability.


These are just a few of the reasons why Yves Delorme is the perfect choice for your luxury bedding needs. With a commitment to sustainability, quality, and design, this brand provides everything you could possibly want in a bedding collection.


What's Next?


Now that you know a little bit more about Yves Delorme, we invite you to browse our collection and find the perfect pieces for your home. To help you get started, we've put together a few of our favorite looks. Be sure to check them out!



The Athena Look: A Modern take on Classic Yves Delorme Bedding 

Bedding and Bed Linens - Yves Delorme Athena at Fig Linens and Home

Athena was the name of the Greek goddess of wisdom, and like her, this Yves Delorme bedding is both bold and beautiful. Harmony is key in the bedroom, and this look achieves it effortlessly. 


The serene white background brings a touch of luxury, while the delicate graphic piping adds a touch of femininity. The result is a truly harmonious piece that is flawless for any bedroom.


  • 500 thread count
  • Egyptian combed cotton and solid Percale
  • Bourdon stitched borders available in different colors
  • Machine washable
  • Available in various sizes from a Standard Sham to a King Duvet


The Triomphe Look: An Elegant and Subtle Bedding Collection 

Yves delorme triomphe bedding at Fig Linens and Home

Triomphe Yves Delorme bedding features absolutely nothing, and we mean nothing, in the way of embellishments. The simplicity of it all is what gives it such an elegant and regal appearance. If you want your bedroom to have a stately feeling, this is the perfect collection for you.


  • 100% cotton with raised double saddle stitched finishing on the duvet cover, with a flat sheet, shalms, and pillowcases.
  • Double-sided quilts
  • Machine washable
  • Available in a wide range of colors

 The Utopia Look: A Serene and Calming Tropical Oasis 

The Utopia Look - Yves Delorme Tropical Bed Linens

The Utopia Look will transport you to a tranquil and soothing tropical paradise. This Yves Delorme Bedding Collection features a colorful floral print inspired by the works of Douanier Rousseau, a french impressionist painter that specialized in magnificent jungle scenes. It's a truly unique and one-of-a-kind design, one that will transform your bedroom into a serene oasis.


  • 100% long-staple combed organic cotton sateen
  • 300 thread count
  • Duvet, shams, and coverlet release to a solid Horizon blue on the back
  • Machine washable and tumble dry on low heat
  • Available in a wide range of sizes


Shop Fig Linens and Home for Yves Delorme Luxury Bedding 


We hope this guide has inspired you to create the bedroom of your dreams with Yves Delorme's luxury bedding. 


At Fig Linens and Home, we are proud to carry a wide selection of Yves Delorme products. From sheets and duvet covers to quilts and blankets, we have everything you need to achieve an immaculate look for your home.


Why not treat yourself to a little piece of heaven? After all, you deserve it. 


Head to our website to shop Yves Delorme bedding today!



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