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June 26, 2020 3 min read

Bring the opulence of five-star hotel linens into your home with fine Italian bedding and bath towels from Dea. Using time-honored techniques, Dea creates the finest and most luxurious Italian linens that are simply stunning and sophisticated. Each and every piece from Dea Fine Linens is artfully crafted and promises timeless quality and style.


From classic motifs such as embroidered lines and braided chains to distinct intricate designs, Dea offers a wide range of embroidery patterns. They also give you an array of thread color choices that allow you to select bed and bath linens that will perfectly complement your home decor. Whether a luxury bedroom has traditional or contemporary decor, you are sure to find the right bedding collection for any room. 

Parallele Embroidered Bedding perfectly showcases the art of appliqué and embroidery. This bedding collection is adorned with an appliqué band between matching lines of embroidery. A design that is simple yet impactful.


Monica Embroidered Bedding offers an updated take on the classic chain embroidery pattern. A sophisticated triple chain design makes an elegant and stylish statement.


Sweet and sublime, the St. Malò Collection will instantly transform your master bedroom into a French Riviera luxury hotel room. Duvets, sheets and shams feature a modern take on the classic scalloped edge design. They are beautifully embroidered with a triple scalloped stitch that makes the collection extra special. 



Argentario Bedding presents true Italian embroidery at its finest. These luxurious bed linens are adorned with an all over delicate scroll motif. Argentario's dreamy embroidery brings the right amount of drama to any luxury master bedroom.



 Add color and a touch of whimsy to any room with Selvaggia Embroidered Bedding. An intricate micro floral pattern is expertly embroidered on these duvet covers, sheets, shams and pillowcases.



 With its bold geometric design, Andrea Embroidery Bedding makes a beautiful and dramatic statement. Duvets, sheets, shams and cases are finished with a sateen appliqué embroidered along the edges. It is exquisite and perfect for the modern luxury bedroom.



In addition to their embroidered bedding collections, Dea Fine Linens also offers gorgeous printed bedding collections. Colorful and full of personality, these collections are ideal for those that want a bit of flair, color and pattern!

Murano Bedding Collection features a mesmerizing transitional geometric pattern digitally printed on cotton sateen. Offered in two colorways Green/Orange (shown above) and Blue/Lavender.


Fig Linens and Home - Dea Linens - Farfalle Bedding 

Bring the joy of summer into your home with the Farfalle Butterfly Bedding. It wonderfully showcases a bright and cheerful print. Duvet covers, sheets, shams and cases and coverlets are adorned with carefree, lively and colorful butterflies on a crisp white background. 


 Fig Linens - Gazebo Bedding - Dea Linens

Gazebo Bedding Collection. Available in Grey (Shown Above) and Sage Green. This collection of cotton bedding features a classic geometric trellis design brought to life with pastel leaves and vines. 



Give your luxury master bathroom and powder room a fresh update with bath linens from Dea. Irresistibly soft and plush terry bath towels decorated with stunning embroidery. Dea Fine Linens give you the option of choosing between Soft Terry and Bounded Terry. The Soft Terry Towels are finished with a dobby border, and the Bounded Terry Towels are finished with a cotton sateen binding. 

Minerva Embroidered Bath Towels feature a minimal design that will make a lovely addition to any bath. The towels are embroidered with small multi-tonal squares. 



Panama Bath Towels easily complement a bathroom with traditional or modern decor. Embroidered with a simple and refined two-tone design, these towels are an instant classic.


Novella Embroidered Bath Towel Collection will stand out in any space, they feature an elegant lattice design. 

Dea offers an extensive selection of embroidered bedding and bath linens as well as printed luxury bedding, all artfully custom made by artisans in Italy. You can create a look that is entirely your own by mixing and matching Dea's embroidered bedding with pieces from their printed collections. Browse out listings to find the perfect collections for your home.


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