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Learn More about Ann Gish

Ann Gish is known for beautiful and exquisitely finished Bed Linens, Bedding, Throw Pillows, Quilts and Throw Blankets.

Ann Gish offers several beautiful lines:

  • Ann Gish - the Original Couture, Luxury Line in Silks and the finest fabrics. All pillows, sheets, coverlets and duvet covers are sold a la carte. Ann Gish is loved by designers and high-end stylists.
  • Art of Home by Ann Gish - a Bridge Price Point available in beautifully crafted bedding sets. A lower price point than the original Ann Gish line, but equally lovely. Art of Home is a wonderful way to get the look at a lower price point. Add in a piece here and there from the original Ann Gish Couture collection to create a designer look.
  • The Met X Ann Gish - with an eye toward Art, Costume, Sculpture and everything Met Museum, this Ann Gish Met collection was developed to bring something truly special to your interior styling. Styles from around the world come together for a Global, Artistic, Travelled look that you'll love for years.

After a life lived traveling and learning, moving between coasts, spending time in France, London and Barbados, Ann had the skill set, taste level and design eye to build her company year over year. Although Ann Gish passed away in 2019, her company is still run by her Husband David and her daughter Jane. From their Massachusetts headquarters, the classic Ann Gish styles will continue to be designed and produced along with new quilts, bedding and pillows to come each season!