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John Robshaw Linens - Fall & Winter 2022

John Robshaw Linens - Fall & Winter 2022.

John Robshaw Textiles beautiful collection of Bedding, Pillows and and Table Linens. You'll love the new linen hand-stitched quilts, throw pillows in bright and fun colors, velvet blankets & autumnal napkins and placemats.

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FAQ from our customers

Our Best Selling John Robshaw Bedding this Season is anything in Moss Green or Sage Green. Everyone loves the Asma Quilt for Fall with a Velvet Throw Blanket in Green.

All John Robshaw duvet covers and John Robshaw bed sheets are super durable and perfect for a family with pets. They're washer/dryer and very pet-friendly. The quilts are great with pets, also as they're able to be easily laundered at home and placed back on the bed. Some of the hand stitching on the quilts may be a risk with some cats* but the quilts are perfectly suitable for a family with dogs.*

Puppies and wild cats excluded from the above!

Most of John Robshaw's Bedding and Textiles are Made in India. Many pieces have some degree of hand stitching or block printing, hand painting on pillows (on the hand painted pillow collection).

Year over year, the Classic John Robshaw Hand Stitched White Quiltsare the most popular. White with stitches of color, with white on white always a best-seller. For printed bedding, the John Robshaw Lapis Quilt will never go out of style and is always a show stopper.

John Robshaw - Bedding, Table Linens, Accessories, Quilts, Coverlets, Throw Blankets, Robes, Napkins and More. Hand stitched and made in India. Available at Fig Linens and Home.