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Taj Labradorite Bath Accessories by Mike + Ally

The Taj Labradorite Collection from Mike + Ally is unparalleled in the world of luxury bath accessories. Each bathroom accessory is expertly created from the semi precious gemstone, labradorite. The accessories are hand cut and highly polished–they are designed with simple silhouettes that show off the iridescence and color variations of labradorite. The gemstone is imported from Madagascar and holds the spiritual significance of self awareness of inner spirit.

  • Mike and Ally Bathroom Accessories are All Sold Individually
  • Custom hand made to order by Mike + Ally artisans. Please allow 5-6 weeks for delivery.
  • Materials: Labradorite
  • Care: To maintain these products, please avoid exposure to direct sunlight and water. Clean using a soft slightly damp cloth. Never use alcohol or any solvents.
  • Most Mike and Ally Bath Accessories are Hand built in NYC. Wastebaskets, Tissue Box Covers, Trays, Soap Dishes, Cotton Jars, Lotion Pump Dispensers and More are Made with Love for your Luxury Bath.

Slight color variations may exist between the color chart provided and the actual application process.