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August 06, 2023 3 min read

When it comes to luxury linens, Matouk is a brand that needs no introduction. With a rich history of craftsmanship and attention to detail, Matouk has become synonymous with elegance and comfort. Their sheets are crafted from the finest fabrics, providing an unparalleled sleeping experience. Matouk is our bestselling brand at Fig Linens and Home, you can shop the entire collection in our Matouk Boutique.

In this fabric guide, we'll delve into the exquisite qualities of Matouk's renowned sheets, focusing on Positano, Sierra, Ceylon, Luca, Milano, Bergamo, Gatsby, Nocturne, and Talita collections. We will dive into the specific qualities of each style, including weave, thread count, fabric and styles.

Matouk Sheeting: Side by Side Comparison Guide of Each fabric

Guide to Matouk Sheeting including positano, sierra, ceylon, luca, milano, bergamo, gatsby, nocturne, and talita

The Percales: Deep Diving into Each Matouk Sheeting Fabric

Matouk Positano Collection: Embrace the Ocean Breeze

Inspired by the picturesque Italian coastal town Matouk's Positano collection captures the essence of easy living. This beloved style (formerly called Key Largo) is made of a 50/50 cotton and polyster blend. The sheets are machine-washable and no iron for effortless care. Available styles include Positano Hemstitch in Ivory and Positano Hemstitch in White, featuring a delicate hemstitch pattern.

Positano sheets feature a crisp and cool feel, perfect for warm nights. Matouk's Positano sheets offer excellent breathability and a soft touch, ensuring a night of blissful slumber. Perfect for a guest room or child's room.


Material:50% Cotton/50% Polyester

Thread Count:200

Matouk Sierra Collection: Classic Crispness

This style has a cool feel and a casual look that blends easily with other bedding styles. Matouk Sierra is crisp percale perfect for any space. Sierra is the perfect pick to get classic Matouk luxury at an entry-level price point.


Corresponding styles include Bel Tempo, Classic Chain, Essex, India, Meridian, Newport, Serena, Sierra Hemstitch.


Material:Made in the USA of 100% long-staple cotton sourced from India

Thread Count:350

Matouk Ceylon Collection: Refined Percale

Described as Matouk's “most refined percale” Ceylon's high thread count gives the bedding a crisp look and smooth feel. Many beloved Matouk styles are available on this fabric including Atoll, Bryant, Ceylon Satin Stitch, Daphne, Dakota, Liana, and Prado.


Material:Made in the USA of 100% long-staple cotton sourced from India

Thread Count:520

Matouk Luca: Our Most Popular Percale

This finely woven percale is one of our most recommended styles. The crisp feel is unparalleled and it is available in several colors perfect for any room. Luca sheeting is used in the highest number of Matouk styles including Ansonia, Alexandra, Attleboro, Burnett, Butterfield, Charlotte, Celine, Dominique, Duma Diamond, Gemma, Gordian Knot, Joplin, Khilana, Luca Hemstitch, Luca Satin Stitch, Margot, Maryam, Nikita, Pomegranate, Poppy, and Quincy.


Material:100% long-staple Egyptian cotton made in Italy

Thread Count:500

Matouk Milano: 600 Thread Count Egyptian Cotton Percale

Milano is crafted from the finest Egyptian cotton for a crisp, cool, and soft experience. The perfect sheets for a primary bedroom. Styles using Matouk Milano Sheets include Allegro, Aries, Atlas, Aziza, Classic Chain Scallop, Felix, Lorelei, Lowell, Milano Hemstitch, and Mirasol.


Material:100% long-staple Egyptian cotton

Thread Count:600

Matouk Bergamo: Giza Cotton Luxury

Bergamo is Matouk's lightest weight percale. The Giza cotton integrated in the fabric gives the sheeting a silky feel. The 500 thread count sheets are fit for a king. Corresponding styles include Bergamo, Bergamo Hemstitch bedding, Callista bedding, Cecily bedding, Cornelia bedding, Louise bedding.


Material:Long-staple 92 Egyptian cotton & Giza 87 Cotton

Thread Count:500

Matouk Gatsby Sheets: Unrivaled Luxury

Gatsby is the ultimate luxury percale sheet. Produced with the legendarily soft Giza Cotton. The feel is soft and lighter than air. For those who want the top of the line in sheets. Corresponding styles include Gatsby, Gatsby Hemstitch, and Virginia.


Material:100% Giza 87 Egyptian Cotton

Thread Count:1000

The Matouk Sateen Sheets

Matouk Nocturne Sheets: Sleek Sateen

This opulent sheet is a stylish and silky sateen made of Italian-made Egyptian cotton. Styles that correspond include Alba, Ava, Nocturne, and Nocturne Hemstitch.


Material:100% Egyptian Cotton Sateen Made in Italy

Thread Count:600

Matouk Nocturne Sheets: Sleek Sateen

The finest sateen bedding on the market, Talita is 615 thread count made of long staple Egyptian cotton and Giza 87 cotton for a superior softness and quality. Corresponding styles include Grace, Netto, Talita, Satin Stitch, and Talita Hemstitch.


Material:Giza 87 & 92 Egyptian Cotton Sateen

Thread Count:615

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