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January 23, 2023 5 min read

In a recent article for Vogue, Emma Elwick-Bates described designer blankets as "a canvas for textile craft." She goes on to say that these colorful, intricately designed blankets are both a vehicle for cross-cultural collaborations and a comfort that adds to the social fabric of our home. 

Colorful, deeply personal textiles help to add an intimate feel to our spaces and reflect our stories. Florence Lafarge, the home textiles creative director of Hermés states that textiles help us feel human. Unique designer throw blankets in cashmere, wool, and long-staple cotton made by artists and designers are more than a cozy comfort. This design trend mirrors the integration of home textiles with the world of fashion. 

This article will go in depth on our favorite fashion-forward brands that create designer throw blankets. The key is using the best, most high quality materials to create gorgeous and personal textiles that add dimension to your living room and bedroom. Explore designer blankets from SAVED New York, Designers Guild, Christian Lacroix, John Derian, Kenzo Paris Home and Kevin O'Brien. 

SAVED New York throws colorful throws blankets designer blankets fig linens and home westport connecticut
Fig Linens and Home: Moss Throws by SAVED New York​​

Interior Design Trends 2023: The Best Designer Colorful Throw Blankets and Where to Buy Them

SAVED NY Blankets: The Perfect Artistic Cashmere Throw Blanket

Serpents Cashmere Blankets and Throws Designer Throw Fig Linens and Home Westport Connecticut
Fig Linens and Home: Serpents Cashmere Blanket by SAVED New York​​

SAVED New York, founded in 2015, offers luxury cashmere, yak and camel throws designed in New York and made by hand in Mongolia. The founder, Sean McNanney is a Brooklyn based artist and designer. His designs are unique, eclectic and worldly.

Each cashmere blanket designed by Mcnanney is hand-crafted from sustainably sourced materials. Saved cashmere is incredibly luxurious. Their pure cashmere is hand harvested in Mongolia from the nomadic Hircus goat. The brand also uses hand gathered camel hair and hypo-allergenic yak down, a new fiber on the luxury textile market. These blankets are available in a throw blanket size, a queen blanket size, and a king blanket size. SAVED New York is innovative and redefines the designer blanket market. 

Shop the best 100% cashmere and cashmere blend throws from SAVED New York below.

Shop Designers Guild for Gorgeous Bright Colored Throw Blankets

Designers Guild Throws Floral and Plaid Fig LInens and Home Designer Blankets Westport Connecticut
Fig Linens and Home: Plaid and Floral Throws by Designers Guild​​

Established in 1970 by Tricia Guild, Designers Guild is the world's favorite British textile brand. Their throws are extra special. The designer blankets made by the brand come in gorgeous, floral, plaid, and geometric patterns. The throw blankets come in every color imaginable and are sure to brighten any room. 

They coordinate with the beautiful floral bedding from the brand for a complete look.

Designers Guild is famous for their collaborations with eponymous designers including Christian LaCroix and John Derian.

Designers Guild x Christian LaCroix Throws

Since its inception in 1987, the Christian LaCroix brand is known for its exuberant, unique, and colorful style. Today, Christian Lacroix's fabrics are produced exclusively by Designers Guild.

Their designer throws are whimsical and imaginative. Shop all Designers Guild x Christian Lacroix textiles here.

Christian Lacroix It
Fig Linens and Home: Christian LaCroix It's Paradise Agate Throw by Designers Guild​​

Designers Guild x John Derian Throws

John Derian Company Inc. was founded in 1989. The designer, John Derian gained acclaim for his gorgeous decoupage platters, paperweights, and plates which combined unexpected images.

Designers Guild prints these inimitable decoupaged patterns on beautiful decorative pillows and designer throws. Shop the entire Designers Guild x John Derian Collection here.

Fig Linens and Home: John Derian Seaport Ocean Throw by Designers Guild Westport Connecticut
Fig Linens and Home: John Derian Seaport Ocean Throw by Designers Guild​​

Kenzo Paris Home for Contemporary, Fashionable Designer Throws

Fig Linens and Home: K Brush Tabac Rouge Throw by Kenzo Westport Connecticut Designer Throws
Fig Linens and Home: K Brush Tabac Rouge Throw ​​by Kenzo

Kenzo Paris was founded in 1970 as a French fashion brand. It became known for its mix-and-match aesthetics and boxy silhouettes.

Now Kenzo Bedding brings the iconic brand's style to home textiles. Colorful blankets like the K Brush Tabac Vert Throw by Kenzo and the K Brush Tabac Rouge Throw by Kenzo are subtle and elegant. 

Participate in one of the most fashionable interior design trends 2023 by celebrating the beloved brand in your home.

The Best Velvet Throw Blankets from Kevin O'Brien Studio

Fig Linens and Home Seaglass Knotted Velvet Throws Fig Linens and Home Designer Blanket Westport
Fig Linens and Home: Seaglass Knotted Velvet Throws by Kevin O'Brien​​

Kevin O'Brien became famous for their designer hand dyed velvet throw pillows and velvet blanket throws. 

The designer's blankets and throws are absolutely to die for. Silk velvet is hand dyed and reinforced with hand knots. Each Kevin O'Brien blanket is one of a kind. The velvet gives these throws an almost shimmery appearance that will make them stand out in any space. Whether it is draped over a sofa or folded at the end of your bed, Kevin O'Brien's perfect velvet throws are sure to make an impression.

In conclusion, statement designer blankets can add a touch of elegance and style to any living space, while also providing warmth and comfort. Whether you're looking for a cozy addition to your bedroom or a chic accent piece for your living room, there are plenty of designer blankets to choose from. From luxurious fabrics to bold patterns and colors, statement blankets are a versatile and functional accessory that can elevate the look and feel of your home.

If you're in the market for a designer blanket, be sure to check out our selection at Fig Linens and Home. We offer a wide range of high-quality blankets from top designers, and our user-friendly website makes it easy to find exactly what you're looking for. Plus, with fast and reliable shipping and a friendly customer service team, you can shop with confidence knowing that you'll love your new statement blanket.

So why wait? Browse our collection today and discover the perfect statement designer blanket for your home!

sophie edwards content writer for fig linens and home

Sophie Edwards is the head content writer at Fig Linens and Home. She is a bedding, linens, and luxury homeware expert with an interest is the intersection of interior design with fashion, travel and culture. She has a BA in creative writing and sociology from Sarah Lawrence and an MSc from the Oxford University Department of Anthropology and Museum Ethnography.

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