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June 27, 2019 5 min read

We are thrilled that summer is here! Summer means gorgeous weather and endless opportunities for entertaining family and friends. Whether it’s a big summer celebration or a simple gathering on the patio, get inspired by the fresh and vibrant colors of summer and create a memorable tablescape. 

Use the table as the focal point of a dining room, or even an outdoor space. You want your table to look fantastic, effortlessly chic, and inviting–starting with the table linens. Table linens are essential for setting the right ambiance for your table, and they can really transform a space. There are many layers to a tabletop, the pieces you choose make a big impact on the mood you create. The best part about a summer themed table setting is that you get to be creative and have fun with color, patterns and textures. Experiment with layers and colors to find the look and style that appeals to you. Mix and match tablecloths, table runners, placemats and napkins to create a beautiful tablescape for any occasion. 



The perfect tablecloth lays the foundation for any style of table setting. A basic white or neutral colored tablecloth gives you plenty of room to get creative and dress the table up for any occasion. Not only does a quality tablecloth elevate your guests’ dining experience in your home, but it will protect your table from damage and spillage.

Festival Tablecloths by Sferra Venezia Cristal Table Linens Le Jacquard Français Fig Linens Tablecloth Le Jacquard Français Table Linen Fleurs Gourmandes Peach Fig Linens 


 Pom Pom at Home - Lily Natural Linen Tablecloth | Fig LinensSari Gray Table Linens by Le Jacquard Français | Fig Linens Sferra Classico Fine Italian Linen Tablecloth Fig Linens -

1. Festival Table Collection by Sferra features basic tablecloths in a variety of colors that will liven any table and room. You can mix and match with complementing runners, placemats and napkins for the perfect personalized table. With 101 options to pick from, these solid colored tablecloths offer a great neutral starting point for your table setting.

2. For a formal or posh event or get-together, consider the Venezia Cristal by Le Jacquard Français. These white table linens are adorned with iridescent Lurex yarns and Swarovski crystals. The tablecloths feature jacquard woven designs inspired by Renaissance-style arabesque patterns and snowy landscapes. These table linens are sure to add a hint of sparkle to any table. 

    3. Summer is all about bold and bright colors and patterns. It's almost as if Fleurs Gourmandes Enduite Tablecloths by Le Jaquard Français were designed with summer in mind. These lively tablecloths feature a motif that effortlessly blends different blocks of color with organic designs and burst of forget-me-nots. With such a bold pattern and vibrant colors, its easy to go with a simpler table setting. The best part about these table linens is that they have a stain resistant and waterproof acrylic coating on one side for easy care. Perfect for outdoor settings!

     4. Lily Natural Linen Voile Tablecloth by Pom Pom at Home works for a more casual table setting. Like most of Pom Pom at Home's products, these table linens offer a relaxed yet elegant look. The lovely tablecloth features 4" ruffles along the edges. They are simple and sophisticated with a unique shabby chic and vintage feel. 

    5. The Sari Blue Collection by Le Jacquard Français draws inspiration from painted Maharaja's elephants, the Holi Festival and colorful spices of India. The tablecloths feature bright colors and lively cashmere patterns that will bring new life to any table. 

    6. Sferra's Classico Table Linen Collection is crafted from the finest Italian linen.  The Heirloom quality linen paired with the elegant details is guaranteed to keep these tablecloths a classic that will last for generations. These table linens are an excellent choice for any kind of table setting. 



    Enhance your table setting with the addition of a table runner. Table runners can give your table more depth and add an interesting layer. Layer them on top of a tablecloth, or go sans tablecloth for a casual setting. Not only do they add a decorative touch, they can be practical. If you keep something in the middle of the table such as flowers or other table décor, table runners are perfect for protecting your table. 


    Dutchess Table Runner by Sferra Fig Linens Le Jacquard Français Table Linen Syracuse Aqua  Fig Linens Blue Runner Liso Blanc Table Linens by Yves Delorme

    1. Duchess Table Runner by Sferra is embroidered with Gold or Silver metallic threads on pure white linen. The table runner is made out of lightweight linen, which makes it a great option for layering. The Duchess Table Runner is the perfect combination of classic and contemporary that will make any table fit for royalty.

    2. Syracuse Table Linen Collection by Le Jacquard Français includes tablecloths, napkins and runners with exotic floral designs on a cool aqua blue. The organic pattern on the soft blue fabric creates an elegant, refreshing and relaxing look for any table. 

    3. Liso Table Runners by Yves Delorme offer a classic and simple look. They come in neutral hues that will complement any table setting and feature a picot stitch detail which gives them a refined finish. Although modest in design, these table runners add a polished touch to a table.



    Use placemats to deliberately add bursts of color on a neutral tabletop. Combine placemats and tablecloths, or feel free to go without the tablecloth and show off gorgeous table. Coordination of colors is great, but you can have fun by mixing and matching tablecloths, runners, placemats and napkins. 


    Matouk Casual Couture Regtangle Placemats | Fig Linens and Home Matouk Casual Couture Square Placemats | Fig Linens and Home Matouk Casual Couture Octagon Placemats | Fig Linens and Home


    The Casual Couture Table Linen Collection by Matouk offers white placemats in different shapes with two rows of colored trim. These table linens have a bold and contemporary look–they can be used everyday or for special occasions. They are versatile enough to be used for both a casual table setting and a lavish and formal setting. Placemats can be paired with any one of the Matouk Casual Couture placemats and napkins for a look that uniquely and completely your own.

    Le Jacquard Français Kaléidoscope Reversible Placemats Fig Linens Vision Blue GreenLe Jacquard Français Kaléidoscope Reversible Placemats Fig Linens Illusion PurpleLe Jacquard Français Kaléidoscope Fusion Blue Placemats Fig Linens Table Linen

    Kaléidoscope Placemats by Le Jacquard Français are double-sided and each side is equally mesmerizing. These eye-catching reversible table linens add a fun and dazzling touch to the table, and are sure to fascinate everyone. Available in blue/green or Plum/Fuchsia/ Red tones. 

    Le Jacquard Français Table Linen Wild Placemats Fig Linens Geometric  Coyuchi Neutral Handwoven Jute Placemats | Fig Linens Pom Pom at Home - Chloe Taupe Placemats | Fig Linens


    1. Wild by Le Jacquard Français offers a variety of exciting placemats with designs inspired by natural and colorful elements. In addition to the fun design, placemats also feature pompoms, relief stitching and leather details. Available in three styles: Ethnic, Geometric and Nature. Mix and match for the perfect casual look!

    2.These lovely Neutral Handwoven Jute Placemats by Coyuchi are made from the stems of a jute. They are finished with short, hand-knotted fringe on each end–these organic placemats certainly bring a down to earth vibe to a table. 

    3. Chloe Taupe Placemats by Pom Pom at Home bring a romantic and beautiful rustic feeling to any dining table. These table placemats feature unique intricate floral cutwork that resembles open lace. Placemats come in a neutral taupe that is sure to complement any table setting. 



    Napkins double as a means of decor by creating a finished and refined look with and they are certainly functional. Not only are they visually appealing but they are durable, classy and less wasteful than paper napkins. 


    Lucerne Table Linens by Matouk - Fig Linens and Home  Pom Pom at Home - Lily Linen Napkins | Fig Linens     Beach themed linen napkins - Beachcomber by Sferra - Fig Linens 

    1. These napkins from the Lucerne Table Linen Collection by Matouk are classic with a modern twist. Napkins feature 1" pleats–a great option for a formal table setting. 

    2. Lily Linen Napkins by Pom Pom at Home bring a relaxed and casual elegance to any shabby chic table setting. These lovely linen napkins feature 2" ruffles along the edges.

    3. For the beach lovers, the Beachcomber Cocktail Napkins by Sferra are ideal for a themed dinner or cocktail party. Napkins feature four delightful sandy-hued seashell embroideries. These beach themed napkins are sure to be a great conversation starter. Each collection of 4 napkins includes: Sand Dollar, Starfish, Scallop and Whelk. 

    From table runners that instantly up the look of your table and decor to simple cloth napkins that are both decorative and functional, table linens can be used everyday or dressed up for special occasions. You can have fun with colors, layers and more–both indoors and outdoors!

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