Decor and Bedding Trends Inspired by Fashion Week 2023

Explore the hottest bedding trends of Spring and Summer 2023 based on the runways at Fashion Week. Bedding from Yves Delorme, Matouk, John Robshaw, and Designers Guild features trending designs including bright red, vertical stripes, large florals, lavender, and metallics.
Yves Delorme Bahamas Bedding Trends NYFW 2023 Fig Linens and Home

There is no denying the influence of fashion on interior design. As the latest spring bedding collections launch, there is significant overlap between home decor trends and what we see on the runway. This article will explore the similarities between designer bedding collections for Spring and Summer 2023, and their counterparts in fashion. 

  • First, we will briefly go over the intersection of fashion and interior design in popular culture.
  • Next, we will review the top 5 trends seen on the runway that are also appearing in the bedding trends, linen trends, and towel trends of the season. Each section will include a list of tips for styling the bedding trend.
  • The bedding trends that will be discussed include:
    • 1. Luminous Bright Red 
    • 2. Bold Vertical Pinstripes 
    • 3. Large Florals 
    • 4. Lavender and Other Shades of Purple 
    • 5. Metallics

On the intersection of fashion and interior design...

Designers of home textiles, linens, and bedding are often inspired by what they love in fashion. For instance, top designer John Robshaw takes inspiration from the fashion he sees in his travels throughout southeast Asia. 

Many interior designers come from a fashion background. Watch designer Lillian August discuss the impact of fashion on her designs for below.

For more on the influence of fashion on interior design and bedding trends, check out our October article "2023 Bedroom Style Edit: Upcoming Bedding Trends as Predicted by NYFW 2022." The article explored our favorite shows and trends from NYFW 2022 (showcasing looks for the spring/summer 2023 season) and the coordinating fall/winter bedding with an entire section on the connection between fashion and home decor. 

This post provides an update to the October article bringing in new runway looks and new bedding from our top selling bedding brands.

The Fashion Trends Influencing Interior Design and Bedding Trends in 2023

Bedding Trend #1: Luminous Bright Red Linens in The Home and on the Runway

Iosis Landes Aurore Decorative Pillow Red Throw Pillow Fig Linens and Home
Fig Linens and Home: Landes Aurore Decorative Pillow by Iosis​​

Both Elle and Refinery29 have forecasted bright reds as one of the leading shades of 2023. Luminous variations on the primary color appeared across runways from brands like Theory, Head of State, Sandy Liang, Kim Shui, and Jason Wu. The color took on a neon slant at shows like Carolina Herrera, Simkhai, and Gabriela Hearst where it appeared on lustrous fabrics including silk and leather.

New home textiles for Spring/Summer 2023 feature bright, neon reds. Brands including Designers Guild, Kenzo Paris, Hugo Boss Home and Iosis fell in love with the shade. From the lipstick red beach towels and beach pillows from Hugo Boss Home to crimson velvet pillows from Designers Guild, there are bright reds of varying formalities and textures across collections.

Shop new arrival reds pillows, crimson towels, and bright orange duvet covers from Fig Linens and Home below.

Tips for Styling the Bright Red Bedding Trend in Your Home:

  • Mix shades of red into a brilliant pillow bouquet for an eye catching contrast
  • Try varying textures of reds (silk, velvet, cotton, etc) to create visual interest in a monochromatic look
  • Lay a bright red throw pillow on top of an all white bed to create a striking pop of color

Bedding Trend #2: Bold Vertical Pinstripes at Fashion Week and on Pillows

NYFW AW23 Boss tennis stripes black bedding by hugo boss home fig linens and home
Fig Linens and Home: Boss Tennis Stripes Black Bedding by Hugo Boss Home​​

Designer LaQuan Smith took over one of the most famous locations in New York for his AW 2023 collection, the rainbow room. The show was full of rich colors, textures, and notably, bold, vertical stripes. Stripes also appeared in the latest collections from Tanner Fletcher, Thom Browne, and Prabal Gurung.

The pinstripe look has quickly become a bedding trend. Many designers, notably John Robshaw and Hugo Boss Home have made use of the classic pattern in this season's collection. In home textiles, the bold black and white (or blue and white stripe) has appeared on striped duvets, striped decorative pillows, striped robes and striped textiles.

Shop new striped linens for Spring and Summer below.

Tips for Styling the Bold Striped Bedding Trend in Your Home:

  • When mixing patterns, bold stripes with florals makes for an instantly classic look
  • Dark bold striped looks pair well with more muted, neutrals shades to keep it light
  • A stylish striped throw pillow can help bring together two colors in a two-toned bedroom

Bedding Trend #3: Large Florals in Your Closet and on Your Couch

Carolina Herrera Florals NYFW 2023 Fig LInens and Home Bedding Trends
Jezebel: Carolina Herrera Florals at​​ Fashion Week
John Robshaw Sunny Marigold Throw Pillow Fig Linens and Home Bedding Trends NYFW
Fig Linens and Home: John Robshaw Sunny Marigold Decorative Pillow​​

For Fashionista, Aemilia Madden wrote that "Unseasonable Florals" were one of the biggest fall trends predicted by NYFW 2023. While we have come to expect florals in the Spring (remember Miranda Priestly's scathing remarks in the iconic scene in The Devil Wears Prada 2006?), the pattern has become a year-round staple. 

Blooms were seen at New York Fashion Week from Molly Goddard, Erdem, Richard Quinn, and Christopher Kane. Designers including Carolina Herrera, Christian Siriano, and Sandy Liang played up the look with rosettes and floral applique. 

The world of home textile design couldn't be more on board with the florals trend. While we have come to expect florals on Designers Guild fabric and Matouk Schumacher fabric, this trending bedding reaches beyond the usual suspects. The latest season of John Robshaw pillows, Christian LaCroix Pillows, and Yves Delorme Bedding all feature enviable statement flowers. Even Ryan Studio has joined in on the look!

The celebration of all things floral has brought with it spring bed sets that celebrate the insect most often associated with flowers: the butterfly. From the small butterfly on Desginers Guild Ikebana Decorative Pillows to the bolder designs of John Robshaw's butterfly pillow and butterfly napkin rings, the motif is one of the biggest trends in home decor.

Shop more SS23 floral trending bedding from Fig Linens and Home below.

Tips for Styling the Floral Bedding Trend in Your Home

  • When mixing patterns, large florals can coordinate with a smaller, more intricate print
  • Try color matching other elements in the room to the petals of your print
  • If using a floral printed John Robshaw textile on your bed, a hand-stitched John Robshaw quilt will always coordinate!

Bedding Trend #4: Lavender and Shades of Purple as a Home Trend

Stylecaster Lavender NYFW Trend 2023 Fig LInens and Home Bedding Trends Laquan Smith, Altuzarra, Christian Cowan
StyleCaster: Lavender looks from ​​Laquan Smith, Altuzarra, Christian Cowan

Looks in Lavender and shades of purple appeared across New York Fashion Week 2023. Diverse shows including Laquan Smith, Altuzarra, and Christian Cowan featured the shade (pictured above). Stylecaster referred to lavender purple as "the next 'it' color in fashion."

The springtime bedding of 2023 followed suite. Shades of purple, lavender and lilac can be spotted everywhere from Yves Delorme sheets and towels to Designers Guild pillows to Matouk coverlets. These new arrivals feature the icy purple as both an accent, and as an all over color.

Tips for Styling the Lavender Bedding Trend in Your Home

  • One of the best things about lavender is that it is a year-round shade. Feature it in your home from Spring and Summer to Autumn and Winter
  • Pair lavender with lime green for a chic and understated color contrast
  • A little lavender goes along way. Layer a matelasse or add a throw pillow in the shade to subtly bring this bedding trend to your home.

Bedding Trend #5: Metallics in Runway Shows and in Your Home

Metallic Designs at New York Fashion Week Refinery 29  Jason Wu Fig LInens and Home Bedding Trends
Refinery 29: Jason Wu​​
Yves Delorme Triomphe Bronze Bedding New Arrivals Fig LInens and Home Bedding Trends NYFW 2023
Fig Linens and Home: Yves Delorme Triomphe Bronze Bedding​​

Shimmery metallics dominated the NYFW runway in 2023. Silver and gold appeared from brands like Michael Kors, Proezna Schouler, SIMKHAI and Jason Wu. These metallics were often mixed with tonal matte pieces to bring the look together.

No one "shines" in metallics quite like John Robshaw, and this season brought a multitude of shimmery pieces. Notably, the classic Lapis pattern is reimagined as a metallic euro pillow, and John's quintessential Verdin shape becomes sparkly on a beaded decorative cushion.

The newest color of Yves Delorme's Triomphe pattern, Bronze, further emphasizes the importance of metallics in this year's fashion and bedding trends.

Tips for Styling the Metallics Bedding Trend in Your Home

  • Gold and Silver Metallics pair beautifully with cream, ecru, and other off-whites.
  • Add a mirrored throw pillow to your sofa for an instantly fun and elevated feel.
  • To translate the metallic bedding trend to the bedroom, layer Yves Delorme Triomphe Bronze Bedding with white and matte bronze pieces

Which of the spring bedding trends listed is your favorite? Do you like bright reds, vertical stripes, bold florals, lavenders, or metallics the best? Is there any bedding trend this season you feel like we missed? Let us know in the comments!

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