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December 02, 2021 2 min read

This new Fall/Winter 2022 Collection stays true to SAVED NY’s unique way of combining old-world craftsmanship and modern sensibility. Drawing inspiration from various sources such as historical traditions, Folk Art and classic American textiles, each throw blanket features a bold, statement-worthy and fashion-forward design. The luxurious throw blankets are handmade in Mongolia using the finest natural sustainably sourced Mongolian cashmere. Available in 3 sizes: Throw, Queen and King.

This Barn Raising Cashmere Blanket puts a fun and modern spin on a traditional chevron pattern typically used in quilt-making. The blanket features a bold geometric design over laid with a chevron pattern in shades of bright cherry and lush green. Cozy and luxurious with an impactful graphic design, this blanket is sure to make a statement in any space.
Craquelure: a fine pattern of dense cracking formed on the surface fo materials. This Craquelure Cashmere Blanket is simply a work of art–it features two Art Deco style horses on a background inspired craquelure. It is unique and creative with a chic and contemporary flair.
Bright colors and a playful pattern make this Endless Chain Cashmere Blanket extra special and charming. The cozy and luxurious Saved NY blanket features a mesmerizing pattern that mixes historic and modern design elements. Makes a great addition to any space that needs a splash of color.

Old World artistry meets New World comfort with this artistic Verdure Tapestry Cashmere Blanket. A richly detailed Garden Tapestry design is translated beautifully into this sumptuous cashmere blanket.

Penmanship 1809 Cashmere Blanket transforms the beautiful art of cursive handwriting into an elegant graphic design. The blanket has a an all-over pattern designed using early 19th century writing samples on a neutral background.

 Blue Calabria Border Cashmere Blanket offers a fresh and simple take on a classic animal print design. The gorgeous contemporary blue cashmere throw blanket has a fierce tiger print border framing a solid cobalt blue center.

Budapest Cashmere Blanket. This sumptuous cashmere throw blanket features an ornate design inspired by historical hand painted texts. The pattern has lovely birds amid a swirling colorful floral border.

Plenty Cashmere Blanket showcases a beautiful and richly detailed design that signifies prosperity and abundance. This blanket is cozy, sumptuous and sure to make a grand statement in any space.

This Sunflowers Blanket adds a bright and cheerful touch to any space. The throw blanket features an all-over design with folk art-inspired sunflower blossoms on the front. Wonderfully cozy and sumptuous with a unique take on a classic floral design.
This Camp Stripe Moss Cashmere Blanket adds a welcome pop of color and coziness to any space. The luxurious cashmere blanket features a simple stripe design in bright colors that evoke summer camp nostalgia. It is handmade using the finest natural sustainably sourced Mongolian cashmere.

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