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March 26, 2021 6 min read

Introduction to John Robshaw Hand-Stitched Coverlets

We'd like to introduce you to a fan favorite and bestseller at Fig Linens and Home. Meet the Hand-Stitched Quilt Collection from John Robshaw

This much beloved quilted coverlet is a must-have. The base is crisp, white cotton on the front and back with cozy cotton batting inside. Tacked together with cotton stitches that were placed by hand. Far from a classic patchwork quilt, its look is clean and modern.

This John Robshaw textile is also available in coordinating pillow shams sized as both standard shams and king shams. The coverlet is made as a twin quilt, a queen quilt, and a king quilt.


Available in colors including a Soft White quilt, a Lotus Pink quilt, an Indigo Blue quilt, a Charcoal Gray quilt, a Neutral Sand quilt, a Seaglass colored quilt, and Moss Green quilt. With seemingly endless options, there is a Hand Stitched Cotton Quilt for everyone.

John Robshaw Hand-Stitched Coverlets and Shams Quilts Moss Indigo Lotus White Fig Linens and Home
Fig Linens and Home​​
John Robshaw Hand Stitched Quilt and Sham Lotus Pink Fig Linens and Home
Fig Linens and Home: Hand-Stitched Lotus Quilt and Shams by John Robshaw​​

10 Reasons to Love John Robshaw Hand Stitched Quilts:

  1. John Robshaw Quilts are made of 100% Cotton Fibers

    Cotton bedding has incredible benefits for comfort and health. It is breathable, good for sensitive skin, and helps with sleep. The long staple cotton used in John Robshaw linens is very high quality for extra softness and durability.
  2. Hand-Stitched Coverlets are Organic 

    Considering that we spend one-third of our lives sleeping, buying bedding that does not use harmful pesticides and chemicals is an investment in your health. John Robshaw bedding is organic and ethically produced, so you can feel 100% comfortable when you sleep on organic hand-stitched coverlets. 
  3. These hand-sewn quilts are Easy to Care For

    Despite its luxury status, John Robshaw Hand Stitched Bedding can be washed in the washer and dryer with no issues. The easy cleaning makes this cotton bedding perfect for shoppers with children or dogs. 

  4. John Robshaw coverlets are Incomprably Soft

    Feel the difference when John Robshaw fine cotton voile coverlets brushes against your skin. The deeply woven quality of these hand-stitched cotton quilts means that it is the soft organic cotton that touches your skin, not the stitches. This makes for an incredibly light and dreamy feel. Even better, these luxury quilts are designed to get softer with every wash!
  5. These cotton quilts Drape Beautifully

    The length of John Robshaw quilted coverlets allows them to hang gorgeously over the edge of the bed. The classic, visually appealing drape of the product means that you likely will not need a bed skirt or dust ruffle, making under bed storage even easier! 

  6. John Robshaw luxury quilts are the Perfect Weight

    The breathable cotton exterior and perfectly thin cotton batting of the hand-stitched comforters make for an ideal light and warm quilt. Since the quilts are crafted in thin layers, they can be used alone in the summer or draped over a down comforter for extra warmth in the winter.
  7. These cotton voile coverlets are Manufactured to Last

    Extra-long staple cotton is one of the most strong and most durable fibers on the market. Unlike synthetic material, the cotton fill of these quilts will not clump or deteriorate over time, leaving them fluffy for years to come. Clients frequently tell us of using their hand-stitched quilts for up to 10 years. This John Robshaw fabric has both style and substance.

  8. Hand Stitched Quilts are Inspired by Traditional Indian Textile Design

    Designer John Robshaw's creations are inspired by traditional techniques observed in his travels throughout Asia. This means when you purchase from John Robshaw, you are purchasing a design with hundreds of years of history and culture behind it. 

  9. The hand-stitched shams Make Curating A Polished Bed Easy

    Pairing matching quilted shams with a hand-stitched quilt makes for a sophisticated look with no fuss. With John Robshaw bedding, decorating is easy.

  10. Super fine cotton voile coverlets Coordinate Beautifully with all John Robshaw Bedding

    John Robshaw is a master of pairing tiny intricate patterns with his signature larger block prints. The hand-stitched quilts and shams are no exception. The seven gorgeous colorways coordinate perfectly with other high-end bedding from the brand. 

John Robshaw Asma Quilt Hand Stitched Quilt Moss Fig Linens and Home
Fig Linens and Home: Asma Duvet with Hand-Stitched Organic Cotton Moss Quilt by John Robshaw​​

Pro Draping Tip: If you love the look of a draped quilt, consider sizing up (i.e. use a queen quilt on a twin bed, a king quilt on a queen bed etc). This technique will give you extra material on the sides for an extra high bed or a bed without a bedskirt!

Customer Reviews of John Robshaw Coverlets and Shams

Don't just take our word for it (though our founder does swear by the lotus pink hand-stitched quilt!). 

Fig Linens and Home customers love John Robshaw's Organic Hand Stitched Quilts. Across seven colors, Hand Stitched Quilted Coverlets have 100% five-star reviews on our website. Here are some statements on these quilted coverlets from real Fig Linens clients:

Lovely. Soft and pretty, it makes the guest room bed look fancy without being busy and fussy. 

-Tara H, Verified Buyer

On the Indigo Coverlet and Shams by John Robshaw: This is a beautiful coverlet that looks better in person because you can really see the blue detail. Very elegant looking!

- Campbell M, Verified Buyer

On John Robshaw Bedding: Love the quilt and shams. Lovely quality.

-Patricia M, Verified Buyer

Shop All John Robshaw Hand Stitched Quilted Colorways

Hand Stitched Light Indigo Quilted Coverlets & Shams by John Robshaw

This white quilt with interlocking light blue and dark blue stitches is perfect for any room. As with all John Robshaw hand-stitched quilts, this voile coverlet is patiently stitched by hand. The design is both elegant and subtle making it the perfect blue and white quilt top for the end of your bed. 

Hand Stitched White Quilted Coverlets & Shams by John Robshaw

This all-white quilt with matching quilted pillow shams has the elegance of plain white bedding with a little something extra. Due to its simplicity, this hand-stitched blanket is ideal for pairing with a duvet cover in any of John Robshaw's whimsical Indian-inspired designs.

Hand Stitched Moss Quilted Coverlets & Shams by John Robshaw

The newest addition to everyone's favorite line of hand-quilted coverlets is this stunning moss green. The natural color coordinates with all of the latest F/W 2022/2023 bedding designs including the the Cinde Sage Sheets and Asma Throw Blankets. Complete the look with a hand stitched pillow shams set!

Hand Stitched Sand Quilted Coverlets & Shams by John Robshaw

Like the others, this sand-colored quilt is made of 100% white cotton voile and lined with cotton batting. Its coordinating pillow covers showcase intricate sand-colored stitches and clean edges. This perfectly neutral quilt pairs well with any sand, tan, or taupe-colored bedding.

Hand Stitched Gray Quilted Coverlets & Shams by John Robshaw

This charcoal gray quilt is both playful and sophisticated. Its gender-neutral look makes this hand-stitched bedding perfect for a master bedroom. The gorgeous stormy stitching juxtaposed with crisp white will bring in notes of gray without making the room too dark. Pair with a pair of John Robshaw pillows to complete the style.

Hand Stitched Lotus Quilted Coverlets & Shams by John Robshaw

This adorable coral quilt is quirky yet subtle. Far from childish, the sophisticated bright pink stitching means this hand-stitched coverlet could soften a little girl's room or bring out the playfulness in an adult's bedroom. The sky is the limit with hand-stitched lotus quilts and shams!

Hand Stitched Seaglass Quilted Coverlets & Shams by John Robshaw

Finally, one of the brightest among the hand-stitched quilt collection is the seaglass quilted coverlet. This darling turquoise quilt is cheerful and ocean-like. It would work perfectly in a beach or lake house and looks excellent paired with crisp white bedding.

The Hand-Stitched Quilted Coverlet in Video

sophie edwards content writer for fig linens and home

Sophie Edwards

Sophie is the head content writer at Fig Linens and Home. She is a bedding, linens, and luxury homeware expert with an interest is the intersection of interior design with fashion, travel and culture. She has a BA in creative writing and sociology from Sarah Lawrence and an MSc from the Oxford University Department of Anthropology and Museum Ethnography.

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