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Album Throw - Saved New York
Album Throw - Saved New York
Saved NY Album Throw Blanket at Fig Linens
Album Throw by Saved on Bed in Bedroom

SAVED New York

Album Throw


Inspired by a Victorian scrapbook cover, the ALBUM throw is presented with an intricate noble pattern. Hand woven, the design requires extra care and attention at the loom. Made of lush and naturally hypoallergenic Yak down, and durable rich Camel hair, the weave is as sumptuous as it is handsome.

  • Materials: 70% Yak 30% Camel.
  • SIZE: 51 x 71 inches (129.5 x 434.3 cm)
  • Product of Mongolia
  • Made by Hand; If throw not currently in-stock, may require 2-4 weeks for delivery.